Containers Orchestration

Containers Orchestration

Docker container and Kubernetes Orchestration has become an industry standard which helps to reduce drastically DevOps operations cost and effort. Docker containers enable the rapid deployment of applications and Kubernetes delivers those applications at high velocity.

We have been working with Docker and Kubernetes since the open source projects were in the early infant stage and helped major enterprise database & other products to use Docker and Kubernetes and release on the cloud platform successfully. We build and fine tune high-performance container platforms and can containerize most applications to support rapid and continuous application development and deployment.

Docker Consulting, Kubernetes Consulting & Service Offerings:

To help you with container and container platform adoption, we provide a number of Docker and Kubernetes services including advisory consulting. We bootstrap enablement with best practices and expertise gained across multiple production deployments. These include…

  • Docker Container Strategy
  • Containerization Workshops
  • Container Readiness Assessments
  • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Health Checks
  • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Pilots
  • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Implementation
  • Bespoke Orchestration Platforms Docker Swarm
  • Kubernetes Managed Services