AI Recruiter

AI Recruiter

Recruitment Platform

    • Hire Better, Faster, and fully automated with AI.
    • Automated Video Interviewing without human Intervention.
    • Hire Talent with the right skills.



Proctor the interview process so that there is no fraud with automated detection, Identity verification with face and voice recognition.

Access Anywhere

Users can access the platform on mobile, web, and desktop applications.


Our chatbot shares shortlisted candidate profiles, along with assessment scores and interview transcripts directly with you.

Profile Database

Millions of resume profiles in local database.

Template Based

Able to select pre-design job description templates and quickly able to create new job roles.

Profile Search

Automated profile search with matching Job description.

Ready Made Questionnaire

1000's of pre-selected Interview question banks and programming challenges for each category.


Scheduling the interviews. Ability to take interviews at any time at the convenience of candidates.

Video Interview

Automated AI video interview.

Interview Evaluation

Evaluation of interview answers and scoring.


Dashboard for candidates' progress and interview status tracking.

Analytical Graphs

Compare and shortlist the candidates quickly with analytical graphs.


Ability to archive the interview and candidate evaluation for future reference.